As a former collegiate athlete, I can remember many different moments of my career—the good, the bad, the ugly—and some I remember better than others. During my reading this past Spring semester I found a book that has me evaluating things I do in the weight room to improve the student-athlete experience – The Power of Moments by Chip & Dan Heath.

What if your employer made the first day of work one that you wouldn’t forget? What if you had a better understanding of how to create memories for those that you love? This book has the answers. Continue reading “Moments”

Four Dimension of Athlete Development: Rest & Recovery

There is a high interest level in rest and sleep amongst the sports world. Some athletes neglect sleep and rest, while others are asking many questions about how much sleep they should be getting. It is being shown through research that improving performance is not only a product of the other three dimensions — mental/cultural, performance and nutrition — but also our fourth and final dimension: the rest and recovery component. Continue reading “Four Dimension of Athlete Development: Rest & Recovery”

Four Dimensions of Athlete Development: Performance

Student-athletes are high-performance sports cars, we (strength coaches) are the mechanics, the weight room is our garage and the practice court is our test track. Just as high-performance sports cars need test runs and consistent evaluation to optimize their performance so do our student-athletes—that is why we have practice, scrimmages and exhibition games prior to the season beginning. Continue reading “Four Dimensions of Athlete Development: Performance”

Four Dimensions of Athlete Development: Mental/Cultural

I had the opportunity while traveling with Clemson women’s basketball to Louisiana Tech yesterday to meet up and talk a little shop with Coach Blake Talos and meet his assistant. I continue to be reminded that this profession is so small. Whenever I interact with a friend in the business, I figure out that we always know someone in common. Continue reading “Four Dimensions of Athlete Development: Mental/Cultural”