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Written by a strength and conditioning professional for strength and conditioning professionals.


Putting student-athletes in positions to lead showed immediate results.

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It is our (strength coahes) job to give them everything they need and nothing that they don’t.

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We want to guide athletes to proper nutritional habits to help fuel performance.

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You don’t improve performance in the weight room, you improve during your recovery.

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I write to share within our profession, build my skills and build my brand

Kaitlyn Cunningham is the Assistant Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach at Clemson University. She is directly responsible for programming all aspects of the women’s basketball program, and also assists with men’s basketball.


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Strength and conditioning weight room moments


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Four Dimensions of Athlete Development

Bringing All Four Dimensions Together

You now have a complete understanding of the four dimensions of athlete development — mental/cultural, performance, nutrition, and rest & recovery. Having all that information is great, but how do[…]

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